“Yet, what if a link turns into the representative of the artefact, the context and the exhibition at once?” — This was TAGallery’s main question for three years from early 2007 until early 2010.

The answer: a repository of 782 links to 680 artists and art-collectives, to 714 artworks and projects and a huge number of keywords. This experimental online exhibition space, the idea of which was to extend the concept of a tagged exhibition and to transfer the main tasks of non-commercial exhibition-spaces to the discourse of an electronic data-space, is now closed. As a networked space TAGallery will be maintained as long as Delicious.com allows it.
As a networked html-document including all collected links, contextual descriptions as well as tags and keywords
it can be downloaded

Many thanks to all participants in this experiment! We hope that everyone who reads these lines had some interesting moments with us…

Sabine Hochrieser, Michael Kargl, Franz Thalmair

City of Nodes

Works by: Tuur Van Balen, Gordan Savic, Aram Bartholl, Tom Carden, Ana Dzokic & Marc Neelen, Institute for Applied Autonomy, John Geraci, Christina Ray & Dave Mandl, Dan Phiffer & Kati London & Laila El-Haddad & Thomas Duc & Charles Pratt, Shawn Micallef & James Roussel & Gabe Sawhney, Esther Polak & Jeroen Kee (The Waag Society), David Rokeby
Curated by: Greg J. Smith
Opening: 03 August 2008


Works by: Derivart (Mar Canet, Jesús Rodríguez, Daniel Beunza), Carlo Sansolo, suwud.com, Dialogist Kantor, Salvatore Iaconesi [xDxD], Chiara Passa, Jason Nelson, Helen Bentley, Christine Wilks, R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX (collaborative editors), Neil Jenkins, Richard Vickers & Oliver Dore & Greg Brant, Mad Max Quorum, Kurt Duyck, Christiane Zintzen, Daniel C. Boyer, Dave Miller, jimpunk, Marc America, Jim Andrews, Johannes Auer, Caitlin Fisher, David Knoebel, 6amhoover, Ursula Endlicher, Y0UNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, David Rokeby, Erik Borra & Michael Stevenson & Esther Weltevrede, Jenny Holzer, Nicolas Frespech, Olia Lialina, GRAF+ZYX, Zeitgenossen (Zelko Wiener, Ursula Hentschläger), Burak Arikan, Jeffrey Shaw, Miika Nyyssönen
Curated by: Birgit Rinagl & Franz Thalmair
Opening: 27 June 2008

IS/ISNOT: glocal utterance-isms

Works by: Michael Betancourt, Lee Scrivner, Kerry Mitchell, The Stuckists, Susie Ramsay & Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Jesse Drew, Pall Thayer, VNS Matrix, Tamás Waliczky, Old Boys Network
Curated by: CONT3XT.NET
Opening: 10 April 2008

SPA/M/ODE: the desire of economics

Works by: monochrom, Alex Dragulescu, Ethan Ham, Tony Muilenburg, David Chien, The Brothers MacLeod, Machfeld (Michael Mastrototaro & Sabine Maier) Tim Steer
Curated by: CONT3XT.NET
Opening: 23 January 2008

SOLO/Oliver Laric: W.V.VV – Witty Video VVork

Works: Moving Pixel Selfportrait, 50 50, Webchat with Andy, La Mano Izquierda, 787 Cliparts, VVORK
Curated by: CONT3XT.NET
Opening: 19 January 2008


Works by: Tom Scheinfeldt, Dirk Vekemans, Mary-Anne Breeze, Chiara Passa, Ian Bogost & Ian McCarthy, Gregory Chatonsky, Jenny Holzer
Curated by: fratha
Opening: 27 December 2007

SOLO/Mark Edward Grimm: Undecisive Contexts

Works | The Exchange, Sky Garden, Virtual Real-Estate, Analog Pixels, War Grind Things to a Halt
Curated by: carlos katastrofsky
Opening: 10 December 2007

Allusions or: Histo/Reconstruction

Works by: C J Yeh, carlos katastrofsky, Codemanipulator, Denis Santelli, Eva Schindling (evsc), Greg J. Smith, Luca Leggero, Reynald Drouhin, Valery Grancher, Vuk Cosic
Curated by: fratha
Opening: 6 December 2007

EyeMotion: “all form is a face loooking at us”

Works by: Peter Bogers, Marina Abramovic, VALIE EXPORT, Nan Hoover, Luis America, Joan Jonas
Curated by: CONT3XT.NET
Opening: 5 November 2007

SOLO/Mary-Anne Breeze: dam(b)a({n}d{a})ged poetry

Works: #Types.of.Und.Fineable.Ware[z]#, _ID_Xor-cism_, LinGUIdity Funct ion, _What_: Streaming of New Theory utilizing Twitter software mechanics, .RE_____________(AD.HTM, Cutting spaces, ___Death of Spa[rrow.of.time.presen]ce, ______dis[ap]posable_
Curated by: fratha
Opening: 5 November 2007

SOLO/carlos katastrofsky: “2) why is it art?”

Works: lastwishes, netart for poor people, katstat, instant democratizer, 10 questions a netartist has to be aware of, loop
Curated by: fratha
Opening: 22 October 2007


Works by: !Mediengruppe Bitnik – #!/usr/bin/doma, Vanessa Oniboni, Michelle Kasprzak, Luis Silva, LeisureArts, Scott Rettberg, Ela Kagl, Ursula Endlicher, fratha, CONT3XT.NET
Curated by: CONT3XT.NET
Opening: 1 October 2007

FWD:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: Redirect

Works by: Johannes Gees, Gianni Motti, Monika Sosnowska, Kurhaus Weissbad, Desiree Palmen, Erik Bünger, Heath Bunting, Amos Latteier, Michael Rakowitz
Curated by: !Mediengruppe Bitnik – #!/usr/bin/doma
Opening: 24 September 2007

Appropriation & Immateriality

Works by: Sandra Gamarra, Antoni Abad, El Hombre que Comía Diccionarios, Santiago Ortiz, The Yes Men, Robert Hodgin, Sascha Pohflepp
Curated by: Vanessa Oniboni – Dispatx Art Collective
Opening: 2 September 2007

Loops, Rings, Circles and Infinity

Works by: Tom Moody, Lisa Jevbratt, Mark Napier, Myfanwy Ashmore, Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn, John F. Simon, Jr., Alistair Gentry
Curated by: Michelle Kasprzak
Opening: 31 August 2007

I tag you tag me: a folksonomy of Internet art

Works by: 53os, _____ING, Agnes de Cayeux, Alan Bigelow, Alexander Mouton, Anders Weberg, Ben Rubin, Brian Caiazza, Carlos Katastrofsky, Chiara Passa, Chih Min, Christiaan Cruz, Chromakey, Cici Moss, Concept Trucking, G. H. Hovagimyan, Garrett Lynch, J. R. Carpenter, James Whipple, Jimpunk, John Freyer, John Michael Boling, Josh On, Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung, La Molleindustria, LeisureArts, Les Liens Invisibles, Lev Manovich, Luis Silva, Marc Kremers, Marek Walczak, Mario Klingemann, Mark Hansen, Mark Napier, Martha L. Deed, Martin Wattenberg, Mary-Anne Breeze, Millie Niss, Mouchette, Nano Corporation, Oleg Marakov, Olia Lialina, Patricia Gouveia, Peter Sinclair, Regina Célia Pinto, Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga, Santiago Ortiz, Stewart Smith, Yael Kanarek, Y0UNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES and many artists more who are not yet tagged…
Curated by: Luis Silva (initial idea) and many unknown taggers…
Opening: 21 July 2007

Collection of collections.

Works by: Valery Nosal, Miriam van Houten, PSB Gallery, Pam, Grettir Asmundarson, Tuwa, Alberto Barullo, GoldenPalaceEvents.com, Fred Beshid, Darren Meldrum
Curated by: LeisureArts
Opening: 1 June 2007

Electronic Literature Sampler

Works by: The Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) , N. Katherine Hayles, Talan Memmott (ed.), Ingrid Ankerson & Megan Sapnar (eds.), Ben Basan & Thom Swiss (eds.), Stephanie Strickland, Barbara Campbell, Robert Arellano, Rob Wittig, William Gillespie, Scott Rettberg, Dirk Stratton
Curated by: Scott Rettberg
Opening: 5 July 2007


Works by | UBERMORGEN.COM & Alessandro Ludovico & Paolo Cirio, Jo-Anne Green & Helen Thorington, Aleksandra Domanovic & Oliver Laric & Christoph Priglinger & Georg Schnitzer, Cornelia Sollfrank, Eva Grubinger & Thomas Kaulmann, 0100101110101101.org, Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett, Graffiti Research Lab, Mushon Zer-Aviv & Dan Phiffer
Curated by: Ursula Endlicher and Ela Kagel
Opening: 25 June 2007


Works by: Jörg Piringer, Stefan Wilke, Alan Bigelow, Michael Takeo Magruder, Karl Heinz Jeron/Valie Djordjevic, Brian Kim Stefans, Mary-Anne Breeze, Eugenio Tisselli, Miika Nyyssönen, Miriam Laussegger, Eva Beierheimer
Curated by: fratha
Opening: 15 April 2007


Works by: Richard Rinehart, Brian Mackern, Michael Lovatt, Wendy Battin, Fabio Doctorovich, Dan Egnor, Eidolon, Dr. William Moritz, Sneha Solanki, Neil Zakiewicz
Curated by: CONT3XT.NET (Sabine Hochrieser, Michael Kargl, Franz Thalmair)
Opening: 16 February 2007

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